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Free Printable Valentine Stencils

When Valentine's day is approaching and love is in the air one wants to fill the surroundings with love filled images. To help you in spreading a message of love I have created these Valentine Stencils of hearts, love birds and word 'love'. You can use these stencils to create wrapping paper, paint these images on pillows, cushions and resize these to make adorable greeting cards. Use these in any creative way that you may like this Valentine's day.


free printable valentine hearts stencil

Stencil of two hearts

This is a cute and free printable stencil image of two hearts. This beautiful image can be used anywhere. You can also paint these hearts on your baby nursery's walls.


free printable love birds stencil

Love Birds Stencil

This is a very popular stencil image of two love birds standing in perfect harmony. You can paint this image anywhere.

heart stencil printable

Stencil of a Heart

This is stencil image of a heart that can be painted anywhere.

free printable love stencil

Love Stencil

Write the word Love anywhere with this easy to cut, free printable stencil for Valentine.